Professional Training – Colchester United FC Striker Sammie Szmodics.

After having our First session with client and Professional Football Player for Colchester United, Within just 7 days Sammie Szmodics scored another fantastic league goal in Colchester’s 2-0 Victory.

Fit4tek prides itself on listening to every player’s needs for improvements. Sammie just came back from injury and wanted to improve on his finishing in and around the 18yard box. We put together a session based on short sharp touch work and finishing. This repetition of movements and finishing helped as his goal scored days later was identical to our movements in practice.

Discussing Football

Striker Sammie talking about training.

Movement and sharpness are something Sammie has worked a great deal on. This is especially relevant to Sammie due to the position he plays in. Being able to move and adjust quickly can create or help you score more goals.

Check out Sammie’s goal just days after training with Fit4tek.

Whether you’re a professional player, youth or casual footballer looking to improve. Having the confidence to put into game situations what you practice is very important. As you start to see your game improve once you try different things your mental resolve and understanding of progression starts to form.