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Our Personalised 1:1 Training sessions are both fun, yet challenging. We work with our clients to develop a clear progression pathway in addition to covering all of the specific technical, physical and psychological skills required to help the individuals game.

After having a personalised 1:1 training session we believe you’ll start to take the reasonable steps to noticing the individual improvements you need to make at becoming a better player.

FIT4TEK’S 1:1 environment helps players bring out their natural game over time. As a result of listening to our client’s needs, we feel like a solid relationship based on the same outcomes are made.

Clients that book regular 1:1 sessions we like to review their development by going and watching matches. Making notes for improvements and positive feedback for the next session.


Video Analysis

For every session, Video Analysis is used at the players/parent discretion. Therefore this allows us to give either immediate feedback. Use of correction or in the form of clips sent to the clients for personal player review.

 Our clients are highly encouraged to be pro active and do their own analysis of professional matches. Watching clips of professionals in their position, therefore, helps them identify the decisions made in certain situations.

we feel this adds another form of self-reflection on player performance. Our 1:1 sessions are designed to help improve technique which relates to game situations i.e Transitioning skills into moves that can beat a player and impact the game. Movement to create space to receive the ball or take players from the opposing team away from on coming players. Awareness of the game which is an important part of being able to compete at a high level and being comfortable on the ball.

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