Harris Health And Mind Podcast

What’s up beautiful humans. 

Welcome to the Harris Health And Mind Podcast. I am your host Reece Harris.

I have been into podcasts for about 2/3 years now, I really find guests on shows like Rich Roll, London Real and Joe Rogan very fascinating. The knowledge those people bring to the listening sessions are extremely beneficial for me.

My goal with Harris Health And Mind is to inspire people that have a story to tell by creating an open and relaxed environment which is non-judgemental regardless of there individual beliefs.

I believe we as humans can take a positive message from anybody if we ourselves become open enough to the idea of change and positivity, even in our most challenging times.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts, as I look to grow and progress organically by sharing many positive messages that I hope may inspire grow and empower your life.

Peaceful Listening.


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