I would like to start off by saying these drills I have comprised are from 11 years worth of experience playing semi-professional football and coaching for 10 years.

That being said I always found it boring, difficult training before coming back to pre-season. Clubs would give me a pre-season plan which covered a lot of running, single pitch runs and the occasional ball drill here and there.

I decided to create drills for myself that I could do with minimal equipment and players that would increase my fitness levels and get me sharp enough for pre-season.

Creating a pre-season plan everyone can use has been a very exciting process and time-consuming. I have put a lot of effort into making drills fun, engaging but that push player to the capabilities with progressions and work rate. These drills I use myself when getting ready to head back to my team in pre-season. I trust the setup and enjoy the freedom of not just pitch running or straight line running etc. 

This book is designed for everyone in mind. All you require are some footballs, cones and creativity if you have minimal equipment like I did when I started out. 

Not only can these drills be used as pre-season exercises but they can also be used for individual progression exercises or team training within your club environment.



Pre Season is the perfect time to reflect and work on areas of your game and fitness from the past season

Reece Harris
This drill can be done on your own with minimal equipment.
This exact drill is shown how to do this drill with minimal equipment on your own in our ebook.

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